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Does anyone still exist out there in diaryland? Wow. This place is a graveyard & this tombstone reads "ScaryDoll 2002-2007 died of self-absorption and computer access"

Now that Facebook and Instagram and iPhones and whatnot - does anyone still use these diary sites? It's really too bad. I used to enjoy coming here every day and replaying the trainwreck of my daily life while reading about other lives that maybe were either worse or better than my own... And now I have facebook. Photos and real data to connect to those people & it's so anti-climatic. Real life isn't so interesting.

Whatever happened to anticrew, chadmuska, deforever, parabola77, bicyclelove? Tuluum? Gah.

I know, you're all on facebook and most of your diaries are private or deleted. Do you remember me? Do I know you now? You all remind me of where I came from and what it was like to be young and fucked up and thinking I knew what tough meant. You all are just as much a part of this diary as it's pages.

If you read this... find me. Write me. Tell me what you've been up to... remind me of me.


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